William Anthony Yanko

About Will

William Yanko is a PhD researcher in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University. He researches the politics of Indonesian hip hop, focusing on the role of rappers as socio-political brokers for their communities. His work has been published in Journal for Cultural Research. His upcoming publications will be published in Journal Antropologi Indonesia and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies. His first book on the polite protest of Indonesian hip hop in the 1990s has been published by Penerbit Semut Api, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Apart from his research, Will has tutored and lectured in various Media and Communications undergraduates subjects, for instance, Popular Culture in Everyday Life, Audio Technology 1a and Capstone Project for the final year students of the Music Industry program.

Currently, Will is on the lookout for a full-time academic position for his post-PhD life. While flexible regarding the location and position, he would like to participate in projects concerning the use of music in a socio-politically unstable context. He is also open for a lecturer position in Indonesian Studies, Music and Politics, Sociology and Media and Communications.

New Publication:

Rap Sopan: Menilik Hip Hop Indonesia Periode 1990-an